Basic Tips for Traveling with Kids

Basic Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling is a wonderful experience for you as a family, you get to see new places and experience new things.  However, every parent who has ever traveled with kids knows how exhausting that can be.  You have to lug twice as much stuff and without planning you will not only be lost, but lost with very cranky children.  Here are some of the basic tips for traveling with kids.

Teach Your Kids About the Destination

Once you figured out your destination then it is time to get your kids involved in the trip.  Planning is crucial to making your trip a success so let’s your kids participate in this stage too.  Take them to the library or on the internet and show them some interesting places to see at your destination and let them pick some that they would like to see.  You can help build excitement, find out what each member of the family is interested in doing.  You can take all this into account when you are putting your travel itinerary together.

Are We There Yet?

Keeping your kids entertained is one of the hardest parts of traveling, especially when they are younger and don’t really have any concept of time.  Nobody wants to spend hours listening to “Are we there yet?”  As much as airports try and be family friendly they aren’t quite there yet.  You need to have a plan to keep the littles well fed and amused on your journey.  Here are a couple of ideas to keep them amused while traveling.

  • Give them a kid friendly camera they can use to take pictures on and document the trip
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Download some apps that allow them to track progress on the trip
  • Portable DVD players

While vacations can be a great way to enjoy yourselves as a family, always be prepared when traveling with kids.  Even the most well behaved child will get tired, bored and hungry fairly quickly.  Pack lots of easy to eat snacks that won’t make a huge mess, and some baby wipes just in case.  Bring lots of interactive games and toys that don’t necessarily have tons of pieces to get lost.  Naps are your friend, vacations often mean staying up later and missing the normal bed times so even older kids can benefit from a little quiet time in the afternoons.

Most of all don’t forget to enjoy yourself, this is a vacation after all!